Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Oh, Screw It!

As you can tell by the copious amount of Season 2 Clone Wars reviews below this post (read: none), I haven't really been able to get in the groove of this whole "blogging" thing. I mean, they tell me you have to post more than two times a month for a single month in order to call yourself a "blogger." Normally I'd say "pfft" to this kind of negative attitude, but something tells me they're probably right.

So I'm officially saying "oh, screw it!" to the notion that I have to catch up on reviewing past episodes in order to write about new/current ones. It's been so much of a chore to think about finding thoughts on the old when my mind is on the new that I haven't succeeded in writing anything at all. Seriously - look at me. I decided if I wanted to review a single Clone Wars episode, I had to first write an entire expose' on the whole damn franchise! What a lunatic!

So now that LOST is back and I can't even imagine trying to go back and catch up on logging my thoughts on seasons 1-5, I'm going to switch mentalities and just blog on "the new."

Expect current LOST reviews, as well as current Star Wars: The Clone Wars reviews. And if you're wondering what I've thought of The Clone Wars Season 2 so far, let's just say the steady rate of improvement the show has sustained on all fronts this season is impressive -- most impressive.

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